Partners are an important component of the Synverse business model. Partnering with innovative providers in their respective industries and areas of expertise allows us to offer outstanding value and a broader range of solutions on a global basis. Our partnership enables a joint commitment that focuses on solution development, training and best practices to deliver maximum value to our customers. Our practices add advantage in creating tangible benefits to our Customers and partners. These key relationships mean that we have the strategic resources to deliver innovative business solutions that empower our Customers with a leadership advantage.


Synverse premier hosting solution is backed by industry stalwart Rackspace. This partnership provides unbeatable level of customer service thereby providing hosting and supporting mission critical websites, internet applications, email servers, security and storage services.


Synverse Quality Analysis Practice provides Zephyr test management product augmenting with Synverse test management suite and library with core focus on key industry verticals i.e. communications and finance. The key goal is to provide comprehensive range of testing services to our customers right from Synverse implementation methodology, quality management process, test management suite, and pre-baked test library to domain experienced resources in a prudent cost structure.

Synverse has partnered with therefore giving a robost support to Cloud Computing and SaaS developments with its unique business, solution and technology accelerator frameworks to deliver IT projects with as aggressive time to market at lower total cost of ownership, without compromising on the service quality.

Tech Mahindra

The partnership is very unique in nature. It allows both companies to leverage each others expertise and execute joint projects and bid for next generation opportunities. Our fast and innovative approach in areas such as SaaS, Cloud Computing, Integration and Web, allows us to play in a niche market segment while leveraging the scalability of Tech Mahindra.

Synverse has a good experience of working with partners, and knows how to make these relationships work. Please contact us at:

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