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Overview of Best Mobile App Development Company

The uptake of Smartphones and other mobile computing devices requires new thinking for the providers of customer service. Websites, portals and eCommerce offerings which are suitable for desktop browsing need special attention when considering the form factors people prefer for everyday use. In addition, the development of custom applications for mobile devices (i.e. Android applications and iPhone IOS development-based software) is a fertile growth area for many companies. Customized applications are significant tools as it helps to deliver enhanced customer service.

Client Challenges
* Designing and developing for multiple platforms
* Coherence and integration of cross-platform market perception
* Limited processing power of the device limits complexity of function
* Limited battery life requires power-consuming activities to be carefully managed
* Limited storage and working memories – requires targeted development to maximize resources
We offer professional mobile app development service which includes
* iPad, IPOD, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone Mobile
* Application development and on-going support in different areas

What Synverse Mobile App Development Offer’s

Synverse being the best Mobile Application Development Company has combined approach – offering end to end services and custom Apps which encompasses a complete range of services to deliver your branded Customer Experience in all channels regardless of form factor. Leveraging our industry knowledge, intelligence and technological background we design and build Android applications and iPhone IOS development applications that are customer-friendly and facilitate easy and quick data processing. Our vision is to deliver the best Mobile Customer Experience in terms of user interface and Functionality to enhance the Customer Experience provided by our clients and ensure their investment generates the return they expect.

Our development teams are specialists in
* User interface design
* Application and device validation services
* R & D services
* Application Testing Services
* Application maintenance and support services
Expertise on mobile phone platforms
* Blackberry
* Android
* Iphone & IPad (iOS)
* Windows Mobile
* J2ME
* Nokia (S40 & S60)
* Delivering services through portable apps provides an additional channel to market
* Apps can provide value-added services that improve conversion.
* Increased opportunities to reach customers out of hours.
* Improved connection to social networks
* Highly cost effective with good ROI.
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