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Overview of Digital Transformation

Technology is shifting the face of the media business –– the way content is produced, distributed and the way customers interact with media and collaborate to co-create content. Today, customers are looking for a seamless experience of Media for multiple channels like Print, Web, Mobile etc.
With a unique sales model built around advertising and subscriptions, the Media and Entertainment industry face several dichotomies, such as the

  • Need for innovation vs. the need to cut costs;
  • Customer concentration vs. multiple media delivery;
  • Mass media vs. interactive media;
  • Advertising accountability vs. advertising skipping technologies, and so on.

Business modus operandi and technology amplifications, however, are providing new weapons for strategic differentiation.
Synverse Media Practice enables its customer with a unique blend of domain, consulting strengths and technology expertise. Synverse supports its customers of media and entertainment industry with full-service IT capabilities – right from envisioning to execution and support of IT architectures and applications that enable our customers to stay ahead of the technology curve. The Convergence Revolution has brought together a demographic swing and a disruptive business model with a 3C’ experience – Content, Commerce and Collaboration. Synverse, with its collaborative and mature business model of Digital transformation, has assisted many media houses and entertainment industry with their pursuit to migrate from traditional print media to online media. Our innovative media for multiple channels has provided solutions that have helped businesses not only bridge the gap but also helped them to stay ahead in their fast-paced & ever-evolving environment.

Media for Multiple Channels and Entertainment Industry Service Offering

  • Integrated Publishing: We help media and entertainment industry in integrating media supply chain functions, internal and external stakeholders, products and third-party tools in an amalgamated publishing platform.
  • Editorial Workflow: For the successful digital transformation our contents are built on existing content management platforms, ensuring a streamlined and consistent flow of content with high reusability.
  • Content Aggregation & Transformation: Converting content from multiples sources and multiple formats to a standard format for quicker and more effective delivery.
  • Subscription Management System: Helping subscribers to maintain their subscription profiles, with an updated delivery and billing information, special promotions & customer benefits.
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