Managed IT Services


As businesses are forced to continually focus on what is ‘core’ to their operations, they start to recognize that the most efficient and cost effective way to perform certain functions is to make a strategic decision to outsource them. Recent research shows the changing trajectory of traditional IT services to a model primarily known as Managed Services.

Managed services provides greater flexibility and allow managers to focus on more tangible business oriented problems and issues than the state of their IT services. As a managed services provider we benefit from leveraging economies of scale through dedicated facilities, shared services, and a wide technical skill base, allowing us to deliver comprehensive and cost effective packages which are usually cheaper, more flexible, agile and scalable than those which our customers are able to provide in house. All Synverse managed services are governed by strict Service Level Agreement (SLA) which guarantees the level of service a customer can expect in terms of system uptime and application delivery/performance.

Synverse Managed Services (SMS) helps customer to maximize their IT investments by working with them to help define their business IT Roadmap. By benchmarking current environments and building a desired state model showing where they need their IT to be. It allows organization to establish clear, achievable roadmaps to transform their IT from a cost centre to strategic business asset.

Client Challenges

  • Providing excellent services to client
  • Ensuring secure and efficient connections
  • Scalable solution


Managed (Software) Applications
Managed Application Services address the challenges faced by today’s enterprises in managing their portfolio of mission-critical applications. These include

  • Enterprise applications ( ERP, CRM, SCM…)
  • Custom-built applications (.NET, PHP Java…)
  • Database Management
  • Server Management
  • Desktop Management

What Synverse Offers

Synverse Managed Service (SMS) has an integrated solution to cater for every customer requirement. The core focus is on the activities and competencies that go hand in hand to deliver the right solution. By providing robust delivery SMS enhances customer’s capability with best practices, processes, expertise and engineering experience there by moving your supporting architecture towards business efficient KPIs.

Understanding customer needs, Synverse offers an end-to-end solution in managing applications, networks (voice, SMS, data) and security solutions in multi-vendor environments. We create customized solutions with service level agreements (SLA) to suit your needs, whether you are looking for complete outsourcing or individual managed services underpinned by the ITIL® (IT Infrastructure Library) the internationally recognized best practices for service management.
Synverse Competency Program: Synverse clearly recognises the needs and pain points our customers in dealing with multi-vendor environments and complicated value chains. To make a sustainable change in your companies activities Synverse focuses on expertise to develop and deliver across all avenues including domain, service, technical leadership, technology, resource and processes. This end-to-end package in managing service provider businesses has been derived from Synverse’s extensive experience and expertise in various industries and has been shown to deliver optimised competitive solutions to our customers’ individual business environments.

Managed Networks (IT & Communication)
Managed Network Services address the complex network infrastructures offering services to end customers or managing internal IT networks for smooth functioning of the organization.


  • Availability of instant application support with the services of our integrated helpdesk which is just ‘one call’ or ‘one click’ away and caters to all your applications, irrespective of technology, language or geography
  • Ensure maximum uptime for mission-critical applications, through well-tailored SLAs
  • Increase productivity and efficiency, through quick turnaround of customer calls
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