Life Science & Value Healthcare Propositions

Overview of Life Science and Value Healthcare Propositions

The Health Care industry historically had to deal with an enormous amount of data moving between disconnected parties involved in providing care to individual patients. Health Care organizations are focused on best practices related to customer relationship management and data processing in order to lessen the time required to process a patient’s data. Companies want to achieve these efficiencies while providing top quality customer service and convenience to the patients.

Synverse’s Value Healthcare and Life Science Propositions is committed to transforming the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery. We offer innovative, comprehensive solutions to physicians, hospitals, ancillary facilities, clinics, governmental health bodies, and public health & research organizations. We recognize that healthcare providers must fortify and integrate internal operations and interact with other organizations to increase administrative competence, reduce costs, ensure quality, and increase patient safety. Optimized use of IT makes drug dispensing more precise thus reducing medical errors and associated costs, while increasing patient safety.

Service Offering

  •  Hospital Systems
  •  Hospital Information System
  •  Master Patient Index System
  •  Multi specialty Modules
  •  Laboratory Information System
  •  Portal Development

Supporting Synverse Propositions

  •  Application Services
  •  Enterprise Resource Planning Service
  •  Business Intelligence
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