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    1. What is software outsourcing?
    2. Purpose of outsourcing software developer amid Covid 19?
    3. Selecting effective team according to your needs.
    4. Finding a top rated platforms for outsource a team online.
    5. Managing outsourcing team in efficient way.
    6. Cost effective software development.
    7. Offshore developers.
    8. Tips for hiring remote software developers.
    9. Advantages of using agile methodologies in outsourcing.


    Outsourcing software development
    Mainly defines a condition or circumstances in which company needs to hire a 3rd party person or (programmer) to provide assistance.


    Purpose of outsourcing software developer amid Covid 19
    In a time like now you might think why it is important to outsource software development, some advantages are mentioned below that companies get through outsourcing.

    • Levy reduction (cost savings).
    • Chance to give more time to company (focusing on business growth).
    • Improvement in quality of service.
    • Capacity increase.


    Selecting effective team according to your needs
    If you are hiring a team in a time like right now amid covid 9 then choosing a potential team is very important factor to get your desired results. As we all know social distancing is mandatory due to covid 19 so we are unable to meet anyone in person to discuss the project so Google can help you in finding a team online that is reviewed or rated by others. Here is a list of top rated platforms for outsource a team.

    • Up work
    • com
    • Toptal
    • Clutch
    • LinkedIn

    These are the world wide freelancing platforms where thousands of people offer their services for your project. LinkedIn is a big pool of consultants where you can get your required information about any company and have a conversation in person. After choosing a team that fits your requirements its time to evaluate them. Here are few steps to evaluate the team that you want to hire.

    • Go through the teams portfolio
    • Check reference
    • Evaluate communication skills

    Studying the portfolio of team shows their professionalism and references show their style, failures and attitude. Checking their English skills sounds crazy but it’s far more important for an effective communication.

    How to manage the team efficiently.

    • Choose overlapping hours for communications

    Different time zones can make it challenging but you are supposed to choose at least few over lapping hours for the discussion. There is a huge pool of online services to arrange meeting.

    • Video call

    Arrange video conferences or face time your team to check the presence and emotion of your team members

    • Develop trust

    Choose the right person for right job and stop keep checking on every step and let them do the task

    Cost effective software development
    Cost of project varies according to the complexity of task, experience level of developer and ways of hiring either the developer is a freelancer or in house employee. The rates of any organization depend on its location. Reduction in the cost of software development can be done by several ways like outsourcing or using agile methodologies.i.e,

    • Try outsourcing
    • Custom software development through documenting your requirements
    • Using agile methodologies
    • Try “nice to haves” feature
    • Automated development
    • Fix the prices for maintenance and development
    • Try basic developers who claim to build quality stuff.

    Outsourcing is a very good decision for the reduction of cost for the software development but one thing that should be mandatory to remember is that cheap costs lead to poor quality. Be very conscious while choosing a company.

    Make a proper documentation of your requirements and be very specific. Include each and every detail in the document to get your desired results. Words can be forgotten that’s why a proper documentation would be great. Write all your wishes in any form graphically or written.

    Agile methodologies provide the great cooperation from beginning to end thus sometimes it increase cost.


    Offshore developers
    Offshore developers are the external company or team of programmers that are practiced to hire in various companies to build software. The concepts of outsource and offshore are interchangeable. Hiring the right off shore team is very important .here is some qualities that you must seek in your team before having any agreement.

    • English fluency so you can communicate without any barrier
    • Low cost but good quality work
    • Talented and confident to speak up about flaws of task
    • Good portfolio
    • Excellent feedbacks and ratings
    • Positive attitude


    Tips for hiring remote software developers
    Outsourcing can give you very benefits if you recruit right. Hiring remote developers for the project would be great and some tips are mentioned below to hire them.

    • Make a proper document and brief each and every detail
    • screening plans
    • Avoid glitchy communication
    • Make a well decided timeline of task


    Using agile methodologies
    Agile methodologies help you evolving the solution of problem by collaborating cross functional team. The agile process always begins with document of vision.

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