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  • Aside from the influence on individual lifestyles and international distribution networks, the corona epidemic is a significant demand jolt that has slowed the pace of the Indian economy’s recovery, which was apparent towards the end of 2019 and early 2020. Before 2019, the country was already in the grip of an economic catastrophe.

    According to The Economic Times, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasts 1.9 percent growth in the Indian economy in 2020-21. Approximately 162 nations have slowly gone into total lockdown, and limitations are still in place, and companies throughout the world are working in anticipation of a worldwide financial system collapse.

    This circumstance, along with lower economic growth in the preceding year, is causing very unpredictable and unpredictable market conditions, particularly in developing countries such as India. Many of these difficulties are influencing on and hampered all three key sources of the gross domestic product: consumption expenditure, investments, and international trade.

    Aviation, hotels, restaurants, retail, shipping, ports, travel, malls, and supermarkets are the industries with the most danger as a result of Covid-19. Automobiles, construction materials, and residential real estate are medium-impact industries, whereas educational, dairy products, and fertilizers are low-impact businesses.

    But, whether they are corona and any other economic downturn, people have always grown more and more powerfully. So, during this epidemic, the greatest approach to make your company accessible and discoverable by the public is to get available on the internet, and the first factor you should go various websites is a magnificent and outstanding website that simply demonstrates your company’s goals, goods, and solutions.

    So, you’ve created a beautiful webpage and have fantastic items, but you can’t promote anything unless people can find it on the internet. When you create a website, the very first aspect that may provide you with consistent and consistent exposure for your organization is search engine optimization or SEO.

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the culmination of all efforts made in one location to assist search engines such as Google, Bing, and many others in finding and trusting your company website, organizing the content you broadcast and presenting it to visitors browsing for it.

    Even though you are optimizing for search results, search results have their rankings algorithms depending on user behavior, so after the day, you are optimizing for the end-users who are researching for and consuming the information.


    Let’s breakdown Search engine optimization word for word:



    Using a search engine is one of the most frequent techniques to locate any type of information available on the internet. Visitors will input a search phrase or query (also known as keywords) into the search feature of Google or any other search tool.

    Then, using only a sophisticated method previously stored in the search engine’s programming, it will provide what it has determined to be the most relevant based on the word entered in the search box. So the end-user is seeking the finest webpage that will provide him with the latest information on what he is seeking.



    Search engines such as Google, Bing, and others that individuals use to discover information are important because they provide users with prioritized information. Google’s “spiders,” also known as “web crawlers,” are continually scanning the web, storing everything they encounter in databases (or indexes). When you search, Google returns suggestions from its database rather than the live internet, which is typically available to everybody.



    For your prospective consumers to discover you through a Google search, you must appear high on Google; specifically, on the first line; preferably, in the first five listings, because this is where the majority of people seek for companies. That is why you must optimize your website for search engines following their algorithms for them to value your web pages higher and higher.

    Search engine optimization is complicated and time-consuming, but the main lesson so far though is that you’d have to promote your business more efficiently on Google or any other search results, you must ensure three things:

    • You are readily found by search engines.
    • They can tell what your website content is about and what you are offering or informing visitors about.
    • They feel your page/site possesses authority and credibility concerning the information you’re presenting.

    Essentially, people should think that you are not a fraudster who promotes dangerous content on the internet.


    How can Search engine optimization assist my company successfully?

    How SEO Can Help Grow Your business During the Pandemic COVID-19

    Many small company owners do not believe that SEO techniques apply to them, which may be owing to the nature of their firm and the commodities they provide. They either perceive it as too difficult, or they believe that their old-fashioned or traditional firm cannot profit from search engines. But it’s not as if Search engine optimization is vital for regional to worldwide enterprises and a marketing plan worthy of your time; nothing you do will ever assist your business.


    Enhances Your Accessibility:

    Search engines are used by customers to discover answers to common questions, understand more about products and services, discover and evaluate products and services, and even organizations. At the absolute least, you’ll want to ensure that searchers can quickly locate your website after entering their inquiries into the search window and clicking the search feature.

    Improves your website’s visibility and web popularity:

    Search engines will benefit you with improved results if you give important content and make it easy for them to locate, retrieve, and arrange it. This enhanced visibility will ensure that you receive a large amount of traffic.


    Delivers Professional And One-Of-A-Kind Lead:

    Search engine optimization is a very helpful and effective intentionally targeting technique. Even though search engines offer results to customers who are constantly seeking a certain keyword or phrase, being at the top of a search engine implies you’re delivering information to the users who need it the most, when they need it. This implies that visitors who find your webpage through search engine results are more likely to purchase and engage.


    SEO is essentially free advertisements:

    In contrast to the other paid techniques, you are not spending to get specific information in front of people who may or may not be interested at the moment. You are integrating your company with an engaged audience that is looking for what you have to contribute. It’s completely free advertising on Google and other search engines.


    Consequently, this results in more customers:

    Enhancing your Search engine rankings helps potential consumers to find your business on the internet, which boosts appropriate and original traffic to the website and stores. The more appropriate visitors you receive, the more opportunities you will receive, and ultimately, you will be responsible for converting into consumers.

    Furthermore, Google search results now allow customers to connect with companies straight from the targeted keywords, increasing participation and conversions even easier and less time-consuming.


    Advantages of search engine optimization over paid advertising methodologies:

    Higher overall interactions:

    To optimize exposure and interactions, you should have listings in both paid and organic search results. Keyword testing is required here to determine whether you are currently paying for clicks that would otherwise be free or improving total clicks and CTR in both paid and organic channels, but to fully maximize results, high accessibility in both paid and organic channels is required.



    While Search engine optimization is neither inexpensive nor simple, it is more cost-effective than all other advertising technologies and methodologies for increasing brand recognition and driving appropriate traffic to the website.

    SEO’s Sustainable development:

    With exception of paid search engine marketing, website traffic does not stop flowing when you quit paying; it is like a tree that will continue to accept fruit if you spread the fertilizer and maintain it on a constant schedule. As a result, all attempts undertaken to create website traffic can maintain a firm when marketing budgets are reduced.


    Cost per click (CPC):

    Organic search exposure is kind of free. It will take time and patience (money) to build that prominence, but there is no direct payment for each impression or interaction.


    Return on Investment (ROI):

    Search engine optimization assures a return on investment (ROI), thus if all procedures are followed, the consequences are certain, if not instantaneously.



    Accessibility and outreach around commercial keyword phrases and informative searches linked to your company sector can have a good branding impact. Your organization may become identified with and appreciated by customers and searchers who are inquiring inquiries while they undertake research that will eventually to a purchasing.

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